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  • about spectrum

    I'm Kirsten McFarlane, founder of Spectrum Pilates. Originally trained as a physiotherapist, I discovered Pilates was the missing piece to my own knee injury rehabilitation. I truly believe that there are huge benefits in making Pilates a cornerstone of your self care, no matter where you are on the spectrum of health, fitness or age.

  • the studio

    Before life as we know it changed with the arrival of COVID-19, I taught out of The Pilates Collective, a collaborative space dedicated to the practise of Classical Pilates, fully equipped with apparatus by Gratz, Contrology and James Crane. As the studio is currently closed I am offering online group sessions (see below).

    Fingers crossed we can get back to the studio soon!


    All sessions are 55 minutes long with pricing in CAD as follows:

    Private - In Studio: $85 | Online: $75

    Semi-Private - In Studio: $47 | Online: $40

    Group - In Studio: $35 | Online: $20




    At this point, I am only offering group class sessions online with a maximum of 8 students. Sessions are taught through the Zoom platform and are 55 minutes long.


    My current schedule is:


    Tuesday 7am - Focus on Fundamentals (Introductory Level)

    Thursday 8am - Focus on Flow (Intermediate Level)


    Please click on the BOOK A SESSION button to register.


    Classes are $21 ($20 + $1GST).


    No doubt about it, online is not as good as in person. But, some Pilates is better than no Pilates, right? And if you need more convincing, here's what my clients have to say about their experiences:

    "Get your alignment back on track! With so much online fitness available to us as we stay at home, it's easy to slip back into old movement patterns or, at worse, trigger old injuries. Somehow Kirsten manages to catch your old habits through the screen. She'll get you sweating with lots of all-levels pilates sequencing, while offering you the personalized cues you need to keep your body moving happily."

    Lauren K

    “Having a chance to have personal teaching during these times is especially valuable. The on-line format was a great workout to counter all the additional computer work I’ve been doing. My back is loving the Pilates!”

    Anne M

    "Kirsten’s ability to teach and her helpful “cues” are not diminished by working out online."

    Trina R

    "Kirsten gives clear, concise directions with helpful feedback to get the most out of each exercise. The workout was fun and well balanced and I loved how my body felt after!"

    Dawn J

    “Kirsten’s class is a great way to stay in shape while staying safely at home!”

    Melissa M

    "Great detailed workout with helpful individual pointers!"

    Jenny HH

    "Thanks for a great class yesterday- your calm approach and well explained poses made for an enjoyable but challenging session.!"

    Lynda L

    "I really did appreciate today’s class!! It was challenging to do the exercises correctly. I felt several inches taller after the class this morning."

    Brenda S

    "The way you explained things were excellent! I am used to aerobic or weight workouts so this is a whole new world for me!! I really enjoyed the class, thank you so much!!"

    Margot M

    "I've NEVER had the concepts explained so clearly, so I've never really understood what I'm supposed to be doing or what it's supposed to feel like. THANK YOU. This is important for me to keep doing, I think it's targeting precisely where I'm so weak. I'm stoked!"


    Colleen C